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Thomas' Timepieces is proud to be Newcastle's Premium Seiko dealer. We keep a large range of Seiko timepieces and accessories in stock.


Seiko's Presage range combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with their exceptional mechanical movements.

Seiko 5 Sports

Durable and fashionable. Seiko 5 Sports returns with a range of tough mechanical watches designed to handle the day in style.


This range is designed purely for extreme activities. They have been reinforced further over the Seiko 5 Sports range to handle whatever you can.


Seiko has targeted the high-end Coutura collection to be eye-catching, but also have the ruggedness to handle your daily life.


Thomas' Timepieces has a large range of Citizen quartz, Promaster and of course their solar Eco-Drive range in store.


Citizen's main watch line is the Eco-Drive. Containing advanced solar-powered watches that, depending on the model, can run over a year on a full charge without seeing light again.


Citizen Promasters are sports watches with different focuses. Air watches come with world time for travel, Sea models have reinforced seals, and Land have reinforced cases with features such as a compass, altitude indicators and race timers.


Built for intense water activities and diving, the Aqualand watches come with a strong sealing system, depth indicators and rapid-ascent warning alarms.

Satellite Wave-Air

Utilising the highly accurate timekeeping systems of GPS satellites, this range of watches automatically synchronise themselves to the local time, anywhere on the planet.
Note: Satellite models are available via special order only


Adina are an Australian company who source the best components from around the world and build their watches in Brisbane.


Simply put, the Everyday range is made up of finely crafted watches that can handle your daily life.


Countrymaster watches are built specifically for the Australian outback and properties. They are incredibly strong watches and can stand a huge amount of punishment.


The Flair ladies range is designed to be eye-catching, and contain dress watches that are both lightweight, and yet very durable.


If the Flair watches aren't eye-catching enough, then why not add diamonds? Forever watches are exquisite dress watches containing genuine, high-quality diamonds.


The Kensington line are dress watches designed with a classic style, built to make a statement.


Adina's Nurses pendant watch range have reinforced cases and 30 meters water resistance to ensure they can handle anything your career can throw at them.


Oceaneers are stylish watches designed for any surface water activities with 100 meters water resistance and strengthened cases.


Built for diving and active water sports, the Amphibian range features a heavy sealing system and solid, 316L stainless steel cases.

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