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Thomas' Timepieces respects our customers privacy

We will never release personal information to a third party without your knowledge and express permission

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Piwik is a self-hosted web analysis service used by Thomas' Timepieces. The data is collected to track and examine the use of this website, to prepare reports on its use and allow us to optimise and improve the site. All data collected is anonymous and is only accessible by Thomas' Timepieces. Browsers "Do Not Track" opt-out settings are respected.

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CloudFlare is a traffic optimisation and distribution service. The way CloudFlare is integrated means that it filters all traffic between this website and the user's browser, allowing significantly reduced load time, while also allowing anonymous analytical data from this website to be collected.

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Our contact page allows users to send us emails directly. Users personal details entered into the form are sent to us in an encrypted format, and are only used for direct communication with the user. At no time will we ever distribute users details to a third party without the users knowledge and express permission.

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All traffic to and from is encrypted using dual-layer AES128 synchronous TLS 1.3 ciphers (in supported browsers) to ensure your privacy.

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